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Sunday 6th January 2019 Morning
Title: The Happy Worshipper
Preacher: Mark Stocker
Readings: Psalm 146:1-10
Length: 34 mins
Download: 2019-01-06-AM-Mark-Stocker.mp3
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Sunday 6th January 2019 Evening
Title: True Christian Ambition
Preacher: Mark Stocker
Readings: Philippians 3:1-11
Length: 35 mins
Download: 2019-01-06-PM-Mark-Stocker.mp3
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Sunday 13th January 2019 Morning
Title: Job's Priorities
Preacher: Mark Stocker
Readings: Job 1:1-12, James 5:7-20
Length: 39 mins
Download: 2019-01-13-AM-Mark-Stocker.mp3
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Sunday 13th January 2019 Evening
Title: Who Came, What Happened, For What Purpose?
Preacher: Mark Stocker
Readings: John 1:1-28
Length: 31 mins
Download: 2019-01-13-PM-Mark-Stocker.mp3
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