God speaks to us from the Bible 

Miriam Avery - I myself had nothing to save me

During my childhood I went to my local church every Sunday with my parents who are both Christians. I was present when the gospel was preached many times, yet I have to admit now that most of the time I was not even listening. I used to read other books or just daydream. However, I do remember being challenged from the preaching several times in my early teens.

There was one sermon in particular when I was challenged as to where I would go if I had died at that moment I knew that I would go to Hell for eternity. I was worried for a few days but then easily forgot about it. Other sermons highlighted my sin and I became really burdened by this.

I knew I was a sinner and needed salvation but it went no further than that, I remained in this position for about a year. When I was fourteen I went on a young people.s house party, during the week each sermon seemed to be directed at me and I became increasingly aware of my sin. A sermon preached on the interpretation by Daniel of the writing on the wall seen by Belshazzar in Daniel chapter 5. The interpretation in verse twenty seven of the word Tekel

'you have been weighed in the balance and been found wanting'

really affected me. At that time I knew that if I had to become before God I would be found wanting. I myself had nothing to save me I repented of my sin and asked Jesus to be my saviour.

I was worried about moving away from home to come to university but it has meant that I have to learn to place my reliance on God. The future is uncertain in many ways but I always remember that God has said I will never leave you nor forsake you. Hebrews 13 v 5.

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